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 Requirements for joining the guild

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PostSubject: Requirements for joining the guild   Sat Mar 21, 2009 5:08 pm

First off we are a kink friendly guild. If you do not know what that is I suggest stopping here.

Second you need to be at lest 16 years of age to be in here. Sorry that's the rules and there is no changing that. Even then there is a level of maturity required to be in this guild. Having fun is one thing and being immature is another.

Third This is a mature guild therefore if you have issues with profanity and other things of the like then please you might wish to turn back now. At the same time excessive profanity and the like is not encouraged. Please realize there is a balance.

If you can accept these things then I welcome you to the guild and hope you wish to join us. If you do please inform a guid staff member of your desire to join us. If unreachable any member can ask for them to IM you as well. Please make sure to tell the guild staff member you are kink friendly and kink status if any. Without this we cannot invite you into the guild or get you into the forums.

Leader: Foulcault
Director: Viixxxyn
Marshalls: Rizn, Spiroella
Executors: Krazzora, Satyrrn, MrBucket
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Requirements for joining the guild
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